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Instagram promotion is a specific type of Instagram marketing, which implies converting regular Instagram posts and Stories into paid ones. These publications have higher outreach and engagement and work great for boosting your brand awareness and visibility.

There is an age-old saying which still stands true “A picture is worth a thousand words”. With more than 1 billion active users Instagram has emerged as one of the most effective and powerful marketing tools for businesses, and the platform has more than 50% scrolling their feeds everyday. If your brand is not on Instagram then you are losing out a number of interactions with potential customers.


From fashion brands to eCommerce to start-ups, we share a common goal with every client, and that is to bring out the best in their brand through Instagram marketing services.


Being an Instagram advertising agency, we understand the importance and what the credibility of the page can bring to a brand owner. It won’t only give the brand an outrank platform to showcase their products but will also help in drawing more customers.

Advantages of Instagram Marketing

Grow (Your Business Reach)

Understanding Instagram algorithms, going live on Instagram, posting timely and user-generated content and adding stories will manifold your reach. With Instagram’s reach exceeding 400 million users per day, these crucial steps will help you connect with loyal fans.

Build (Your Brand)

It is said that products are manufactured in factories, but a brand is built in the mind of the consumers. Show your business everywhere in the most creative way and let it create a recall value.

Reach (Your Correct Audience)

Targeting the right audience; that will not only get more leads, but the conversion of sales will increase too.

What is included in our Instagram Marketing Services basket?

Insta Story Ads & Boosts

Reach those 400+ million daily active users in a blink. Insta story ads are a hot pick these days, and to reach those new eyeballs there is nothing better than running an ad campaign. By doing the right research, the paid ad campaigns will end up earning you far more than the cost to place a campaign.

Influencer Marketing

In simple terms, creating a word of mouth digitally is what Influencer Marketing is all about. What better than a star talking about your business and promoting it? We will help you in reaching out to the correct influencers and create an engagement that will leave a lasting impression.


IGTV is a stand-alone app where you can create, and watch longer vertical videos about the products or services you want to demonstrate to your customers. Instead of keeping one-minute videos in your stories, you can shoot a video up to 10 minutes on IGTV. Ideamart will promote these IGTV videos and make it reach a larger audience.

What is included in our Instagram Marketing Services basket?


To begin the discovery phase of your campaign, this will be the first step our agency will take. This is when we get access to your business, audience, and goals to develop a strategy for your business to make a custom Instagram advertising campaign.


As your Instagram ads are running, we will be monitoring your ads every week. We will ensure that your ads are running smoothly and in line with the budget you provide. The most important thing, we will be monitoring the progress of your ads and pause any combinations that are not working and affecting your campaign.


After the Instagram advertising strategy is complete, we will begin to develop the ads for your business. Our agency’s expert will make different versions of Instagram ads to run for your business. We will then send you the versions of your ads for approval. After we get your approval, we will launch your ad campaign.


Our result-driven agency will make sure that despite stiff competition you stand out from the crowd on Instagram. Based on your requirement, our professionals will optimize your profile or business in a way that reaches the maximum audience. Be it Instagram stories, the explore page or social media campaign , ideal strategies will be implemented to elevate your business reach.


From our agency, we will be sending you the Instagram advertising reports each month. This report will contain the number of people your post has reached, conversions achieved through campaigns, as well as clicks, received so that you can see the progress of your business on a weekly and monthly basis.

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