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Testimonials Video

Customers trust is very important factor in the marketing platform. Maintaining a positive and friendly relationship with customer or visitor is a way of increasing sales and also improves business growth. You can build customer trust by way of encourage your customers to leave their comments, reviews and feedback about your products and services. Testimonial video is a video of a customer or client who praises a company.

They talk about how that company’s product or service has helped for them. In Current scenario, Every business professionals must have a website to expose their brands and services they offers, at the same time they also focus to mention their clients feedback on website who gave positive feedback about their services . So creating videos, based on client’s feedback also called testimonial video.

Video Marketing year wise Statistics..

Video Marketing year wise Statistics 2021 (ByWyzowl)

Year 2015 78%
Year 2016 88%
Year 2017 82%
Year 2018 85%
Year 2019 91%
Year 2020 92%
Year 2021 93%