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Interview Video

Video interviews are business interviews, job interviews, and personal interviews conducted remotely, using video technology as a communication medium. Video interview is an increasingly popular talent recruitment tool because it can save the time and money involved in traditional face-to-face interviews; eliminate geographic restrictions; automate candidate screening; and improve the quality of data in the recruitment management system. They are used in many stages of the recruitment process. For example, in the early stages, hiring managers may ask a series of questions and ask job applicants to record their answers in a video. This enables employers to quickly screen candidates and choose who will go to the next stage.

Video Marketing year wise Statistics..

Video Marketing year wise Statistics 2021 (ByWyzowl)

Year 2015 78%
Year 2016 88%
Year 2017 82%
Year 2018 85%
Year 2019 91%
Year 2020 92%
Year 2021 93%